How to Troubleshoot an Angelcare Monitor

When your baby moves in any way, while asleep or awake, your Angelcare monitor will pick it up immediately with its Sensor Pad, giving you peace of mind. This monitor also detects and alerts you to noises outside the crib and lets you know if your baby has not moved in 20 seconds. When things go wrong, such as a false alarm, or if you can no longer hear the monitor, knowing how to troubleshoot your Angelcare monitor will help you save time and avoid worry.

False Alarms

Place the turquoise side of the Sensor Pad face up if you get a false alarm on your Angelcare monitor. Make note of the current sensitivity level.

Increase the sensitivity level by a half level and test the monitor by using it as usual. For example, if you have the level set at 3.0, increase the level to 3.5. Increase the level again by a half level, if you get another false alarm. False alarms can occur if your baby moves to the edge of the crib, or if your baby enters a deep sleep.

Remove any thick padding or bedding between the Sensor Pad and the mattress. This can prevent the Sensor Pad from being in full contact with the mattress. You must have the Sensor Pad on a firm, flat surface. Position a piece of 1/4-inch plywood, so it covers the entire crib base size, then place the Sensor Pad on top of the plywood, and put the mattress over the Sensor Pad. The baby only has contact with the mattress, while the Sensor Pad works underneath any standard crib mattress.

Turn off the Nursery Unit if you get a false alarm, and you no longer have your baby in the crib.

Movement Alarm Not Working

Select the "Movement" function of your Angelcare monitor. The Movement symbol should appear on the display.

Turn off other things around the crib that can cause movement or vibrations, such as loud music, fans, washing machines and crib mobiles. Move the crib to a wall to help prevent the Sensor Pad from picking up movement away from the crib.

Reconnect the Nursery Unit and the Parent's Unit by pressing the "Menu" button on the Parent's Unit for two seconds. You will hear a beep and see the Out-of-Range symbol flash on the display. Press the "Page" button on the Nursery Unit for two seconds. You will hear another beep, and see the Movement Indicator Light flash green once, connecting both units automatically. The Parent's Unit will beep one time, and the Out-of-Range symbol will no longer flash after the units have successfully connected.

No Sound from Monitor

Select the "Sound" function of your Angelcare monitor. The Sound symbol should appear on the display.

Deactivate the "Mute" feature on the Parent's Unit by pressing the Power button on the unit.

Plug the AC adapters into another electrical wall outlet, in case the current outlet no longer works properly, and verify that you have the AC adapters firmly plugged into the outlet.

Remove the battery cover located on the back of the Parent's Unit and replace the four AAA rechargeable batteries. Replace the battery cover. Never use alkaline batteries.


Call 888-232-6476 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. EST, if you continue to get false alarms after increasing the sensitivity level all the way to 5.


Never use your Angelcare monitor to supervise your children in the place of an adult. Adult monitoring of children takes priority. Keep your Angelcare monitor out of the reach of children.

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