How to Install Batteries in the Master Replicas Light Saber

Master Replicas was a company that made officially licensed Star Wars products 2. One of the products the company made was toy light sabers. These light sabers are ideal as costume props and for Halloween. From time to time, you might need to replace the batteries in your Master Replicas light saber 12. Once you know where the battery holder is, the process is simple.

Turn the light saber off 2. Position it so that the blade points down. Examine the bottom of the light saber handle.

Twist off the handle end cap. Inside you'll find the battery holder. Slide the battery holder out of the handle.

Insert two AA batteries into the battery holder. Make sure the "Plus" and "Minus" symbols are at the correct ends according to the diagram on the battery holder.

Slide the battery holder back into the light saber handle. Twist the end cap back on to close the handle. Power the light saber back on 2.

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