Instructions on How to Use Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger

Little kids love to imitate their older siblings, and this includes a desire to send text messages on a cell phone. While a child might be too young to own and use an actual cell phone, she may enjoy using a Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger 1. Unlike a real cell phone, which uses radio waves, the Hello Kitty Text Messenger transmits with infrared signals (like the kind used by television remote controls) 1. Hello Kitty Text Messengers must be in the same vicinity to pick up each other’s infrared beams.

Press the “ID” key and at the “Lock?” prompt, enter a four-digit password to set a protection lock on the Hello Kitty Text Messenger 1.

Press the “Chat” button on one Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger 1. “Chat” will display on their screens.

Press the “Recv” button on the other Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger so it can receive a message 1.

Type your message on the keypad of the messenger set to Chat mode. Press a key three times to cycle through the three different letters assigned to it. For example, pressing the “7” key will cycle through the letters “A” “B” and “C.”

Press the “Send” button. “P/I?” will appear on the screen. Press the “ICQ Call” key to send the message to the other Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger that is set to receive mode 1.

Press the “Enter” button to save the message.

Press the “Recv” button on your Hello Kitty SMS Text Messenger to receive messages from the other unit, whose “Chat” button the other person will press to send messages to you 1.

Press the “Send” button after typing in a text message, and when “P/I?” appear on the screen, press the “Private Call” key. “ID” will appear on the screen. Enter your friend’s preset chat password ID number, then press the “Enter” button to sent the message privately.


If you forget your password, you can press the “Reset” button to restart the Hello Kitty Text Messenger.

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