How to Record Off the Angelsounds Fetal Doppler

The Jumper Medical Co.'s Limited Angelsounds Fetal Doppler monitor comes with an analog recording cable called the "audio line" to use to record direct to a tape recorder or to recording software 1. Whether you have a pink or green model, you can record your baby's heartbeat, other sounds from the womb such as hiccups and movements and your own heartbeat with ease and only a small amount of preparation.

Plug one of the analog audio line jacks into one of the two analog headset sockets at the top of the unit above the "On/Off/Volume" key. It does not matter which socket you plug it into as either will provide the output for the sound coming from the monitor when in use.

Insert the other jack of your audio line into the analog microphone socket of your tape recorder or computer.

Push one of your analog headset jacks into the empty headset socket at the top of your Angelsounds Fetal Doppler monitor so that you can listen while the monitor is in use to gauge the sound quality 1. You can also confirm the sound quality by looking for the crests and troughs of the sound waves as shown on your computer screen during recording if your software provides this option.

Prepare your abdomen with gel as outlined in the Angelsounds Fetal Doppler monitor instructions 1.

Switch on the fetal doppler monitor and adjust the sound.

Turn on your recorder by pushing the record button on your hand-held recorder, or by opening your recording software and clicking the record button, and begin to move the transducer on the back of your monitor over your abdomen or chest (if recording your own heartbeat). If you do not hear anything on playback from your hand-held recorder or software or do not see any recording sound waves, reverse the audio line cable ends and try again.


If your computer does not have an analog microphone socket, purchase a USB adapter for your computer.

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