How to Reset a Leapster

The Leapster is a fun way for your child to learn by playing games, but trying to figure out what is wrong with the device, when something goes wrong, can be a challenge. Because the Leapster is more complex than most children's games, it's important to be able to troubleshoot the device whenever there's a problem.

Verify that the batteries are functioning and are oriented the right way. The polarity of the batteries should match the diagram on the inside of the battery housing. If you're not sure if a set of batteries has enough power, replace with a fresh set.

Calibrate the screen if the Leapster is turning on but is not accurately registering stylus entries. Make sure the unit is off and press the "Hint" button while turning it on. When the Leapster menu appears, press the "A" button. A series of crosshairs will appear on the screen. Touch the center of each one with the stylus and restart the Leapster when you're finished.

Reset the Leapster by locating the small black "Reset" button behind the batteries in the battery compartment. Open the compartment, remove all of the batteries then press the "Reset" button. Replace all the batteries and close the compartment cover. Once your Leapster has been reset, you should be directed to the first-time screen, where you can set your country/region and enter the player names.


Always replace batteries in sets, never individually. Always make sure there is only a single brand/variety of batteries in your Leapster at any one time.

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