How to Charge an Air Hogs Havoc Heli

The Air Hogs Havoc Heli is a remote-controlled helicopter that can fly up to 100 feet in the air, has four-way control for flying in any direction and a blue LED light for flying the helicopter at night. The helicopter is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. With a fully charged battery, which takes approximately 30 minutes, you can fly your Havoc Heli for five or six minutes.

Turn the power switch on the helicopter to "Off." Press down on the remote control cover located under the power switch. Under the cover is a compartment that houses the charging wire.

Plug the charging wire into the charge jack on the helicopter, located next to the power switch. A green indicator light will turn on the remote control when properly connected. The six AA batteries in the remote control charge the helicopter.

Unplug the charging wire from the helicopter when the indicator light shuts off, place it back in the remote control and replace the cover.

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