Talent Show Ideas for Teens

Talent shows give teens a chance to show off their skills and interests in front of their peers. Whether teens choose a nontraditional talent or a classic favorite with a twist, teens can use their energy and skill set to impress their peers, teachers, parents and community.


Public talent shows often feature singing, but you can incorporate this classic by doing it with a twist. To get the crowd energized or laughing, lip synch to a song with your friends that incorporates dance moves featured on music videos or make a parody of a singer's mistakes. Sing an opera song for bonus cultural points. Another option is to have an acapella singoff reminiscent of Hollywood musicals. To personalize the talent, perform a song that you write yourself.


Breakdancing, hip-hop dancing or incorporating moves that appear in movies can help pump up the audience and score points with the judges. Classical dancing, such as ballroom dances or ballet may be appreciated, depending on where the show takes place. Turn off the lights and have the dancers in your group wear glow-in-the-dark clothing or glow sticks to add visual interest to a performance. If the talent show is held at school, consider adding a teacher to the group to score extra points with the audience. Other options include dancing ethnic dances or swing dancing.

Other Music

Talent shows provide the opportunity to display your musical chops. Bust out your guitar or saxophone to show off your talent. Nontraditional instruments such as a washboard, kazoo or trash-can drum-playing can help you or your group stand out from the crowd. If you don't have your own instrument, you can make your own out of household supplies, such as using cardboard tubes and string to make bongos.

Crowd Pleasers

If you've got a stunning personality, you may want to choose a talent that lets you interact with the audience. For example, perform a magic show or a comedy routine. Have a dramatic monologue or read some of your own poetry to display your talent to the crowd. If you know gymnastics or martial arts, now is the time for you to choreograph your own routine to showcase your hard work and dedication. For a budding artist, draw something quickly or do caricatures to show the audience. Perform impersonations of famous people or teachers -- but not mean-spirited ones -- for another crowd-pleasing option.

Nontraditional Options

Sometimes the most out-of-the-box performance wins the talent show. Some nontraditional options include double-dutch jump-roping or performing basketball tricks for the audience. If your pet has more talent than you do, consider adding the act to the show to display pet tricks. Yo-yo tricks provide a nod to retro talent 4.

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