Eyeclops Instructions

The eyeclops is an electronic magnifying device made by Jakks Pacific of Malibu, California. The company product instructions clearly point out that the eyeclops is a toy and not intended for research or investigative uses. The toy is called a bionic eye, which is capable of magnifying things up to 400 times and showing the image on a television set. The operating instructions show users how to set up the eyeclops for a close-up view of almost anything in or outside the house.


The eyeclops is comprised of a hand-held eyepiece with a zoom knob, a detachable lens and a base unit called the brain case that holds the batteries and plugs into the television. There is also a viewing tube that attaches to the lens and a support base to hold the eyepiece upright for use with a viewing dish. Screw the threads of the lens onto the front of the eyepiece. Insert 5 AA batteries into the bottom of the base unit, and plug the RCA connector into a video input port on the television. Turn the base unit power switch on, and see magnified images of objects in front of the lens on the eyepiece.


Turn the detachable lens on the eyeclops until the red groove shows through the alignment window. Adjust the groove to rest between the triangle arrows of the focus gauge. Use the zoom settings knob to adjust magnification at 100, 200 or 400 times. Put the center of the lens over the printed focus disk. Twist the lens attachment around the eyepiece until the print is clear on the television screen. The lens might need one or two complete rotations in either direction.


Run the lens over print from pens, printed checks and money. Use it to look at skin and animal fur. Get a close look at foods, fabrics, gems and metals. Put live insects, flower petals or pepper particles into the viewer tube. Thread the small end of the tube onto the lens attachment with the large open end facing up. Turn the tube or the lens to bring the contained items into view. Check the different magnification settings and focus each zoom to get a closer look at each item. The eyeclops will only transfer images of the items resting at the bottom of the view tube. Gently shake or tap the tube if live specimens crawl up the sides. Rest the eyepiece against the base with the lens upright. Hold the viewer dish on top of the lens with the focus disk inside, and rotate the lens until the print appears clear on the television. Drop sample items into the dish for viewing.

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