How to Find People in Korea

If you want to search for an old classmate or track down family in South Korea, you can easily find them on the Internet using their surnames. Ideally, you should have the full name, which will be helpful for narrowing down the search results. But in any case, phone books, social networks and people-searching websites are of great help when you’re trying to locate somebody.

Search for the person in the Phonebook of South Korea 1. On the website, enter the person’s name, and it will show you results, including the person’s address and contact number.

Search for the person on People Search Global. It is a website that allows you to search public records using the person’s name. On the website, enter the person’s full name and state (if you know), and it will show the contact information.

Search for the person’s phone number on Local Paran. The website is in Korean. Provide the person’s name to find the phone number.

Look up the person on a social networking website like Facebook or Twitter 1. Many people have joined these networks and there is a good chance you may be able to find the person you’re looking for. Just enter his name in the search box and the website will show his profile, if he is registered on the site.

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