How to Use Disney's All-in-One Baby Swing

Baby swings are sometimes a lifesaver to many new parents who can't seem to get anything done while caring for a baby 1. Although baby swings should not be used all the time, they are nice to have if your baby is soothed by swinging back and forth while listening to music or watching the mobile 1. The Disney All-In-One Baby swing can be used as a full-size swing or as a travel-size swing with two height adjustments. The swing comes with a soft, toy bar with Winnie the Pooh Disney characters and plays five songs. The recommended maximum weight for this swing is 25 pounds.

Unfold the frame of the swing so it safely rests on both legs. Decide if you want the swing to be set up in travel-size or extended to full-size. The size depends on how much room you have and your preference.

Extend the legs to full-size if you want the swing higher. Remove the soft, toy bar and unsnap the tray which folds down toward the bottom of the swing. Make sure the seat belt straps are properly installed and all present.

Place the baby in the swing, securing him with the seat belt. Snap the tray and toy bar back in place over his lap. Recline the seat to the desired position.

Select the swing's speed from five different choices. Choose the amount of time you want her to swing and set the timer. Give the swing a little push and the motor will take over. Be sure the swing is not too fast for the baby.

Select the type of music for your baby. Select from five different songs and sounds the swing offers. Set the controls for the desired song and allow him to enjoy his time in the swing.

Remove her from the swing when the time has run out and she has stopped swinging. Unsnap the toy bar and tray, unbuckle her from the seat belt and carefully lift her out of the seat.