Evenflow Model 012616 Crib Instructions

For many years, the Jenny Lind crib from Evenflo has been a popular model for parents who are looking for an affordable crib 1. While the Jenny Lind name is still being used, model number 012616 is no longer available for purchase due to changes made in 2010 to the safety regulations for crib manufacturers.You can have the crib ready for your baby in less than an hour.

Place the headboard and footboard on the ground. With the pieces on the ground, secure two L brackets to the left side of the headboard and to the right side of the footboard. The top brackets have a notch on them to accept the security bar for the drop-side panel and are marked left and right. The notch needs to point to the inside with the side with two holes attached to the wood and the 90 degree angle pointing to the top of the crib. The bottom L brackets will be attached with the angle at the bottom of the crib.

Attach the stationary rail of the crib to the back of the headboard and footboard. This is the side opposite from where you attached the L brackets. Place the small dowel into the holes along the long edge of the rail with the holes pointing to the outside. Attach the top rail using a 13/16 inch screw on each end. Next, attach the bottom rail to the headboard and footboard. Tighten all screws by turning them clockwise using a Phillips screwdriver.

Attach the mattress support frame to the crib. With the angle of the support brackets facing the top of the crib, insert the support bracket into the appropriate notch on the headboard and footboard. The highest levels should be used for infants who are not yet standing. If your child is older, place the brackets in a lower slot. This will make the mattress sit lower in the crib, reducing the chance of the child trying to climb out of the crib.

Install the casters by placing the caster post in the socket on each leg of the crib. These will be secured in place by pressing down on the top of the crib until they snap into place.

Assemble the drop-side rail for your crib. Position the drop rail by placing the drop pins along the bottom of the rail on the top L bracket. Place the drop rod into the hole on the top of the rail, allowing it to rest on the top L bracket. Place the small spring on the top of the bottom rail under the L bracket and slide the drop rod through the bottom rail hole and through the top L bracket. Slide the long spring onto the drop rod and insert the drop rod into the lower L bracket.

Secure the drop rod to the headboard and footboard of the crib using the small wood screws. Turn the screws clockwise using the Phillips screwdriver until they are tight.


If you purchased your crib used, please check the Evenflo website for any recall information for your crib. You will need the model number and manufacture date to complete this search. It is important to check all of the screws on your crib periodically to make sure they are not coming loose. This can happen as babies get older and shake the crib when trying to get out.

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