How to Turn Off a Zhu Zhu Pet

Zhu Zhu Pets are battery-powered hamsters that travel around your home and provide entertainment for your children. If you want to turn the Zhu Zhu Pet off, you'll need to put it to sleep. However, if you plan on letting your child sleep with the toy, you'll want to go a step further and remove the batteries from the Zhu Zhu Pet. This will prevent it from accidentally turning back on.

Push the top of the Zhu Zhu Pet's head to turn off "Explore" mode. This prevents the pet from moving around.

Press the center of the pet's back to put it to sleep. The Zhu Zhu Pet will yawn and enter its inactivity mode.

Turn the Zhu Zhu Pet over to access the motor box on its belly. Remove the two Phillips screws.

Lift the cover off of the motor box. Remove the AA batteries and replace the motor box cover. Tighten the two screws.

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