My Furby Won't Talk

A Furby is a fuzzy electronic toy that was a popular holiday item during its original release year. The Furby is a mechanical robot that can move, talk and respond to touch on certain areas of its body. It also has a sensor between its eyes that allows it to see changes in light and communicate with other Furbies within its range. Over time, the Furby may lose its ability to talk and move and require a battery change or reset.

Replace the Batteries

Turn your Furby upside down and locate the plastic battery case on the bottom of the toy.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew any screws that are holding the door on the battery case shut.

Replace the old batters with four new AA-sized batteries.

Close the door to the battery case and secure it with the screws.

Turn the Furby upside down for a moment, then right side up again. If the Furby still doesn’t speak after replacing the batteries, you will need to reset it.

Reset the Furby

Locate the small reset button on the bottom of the Furby. This will be near the plastic battery case.

Press the reset button and hold down the Furby’s tongue at the same time.

Hold the buttons for five seconds, then release both buttons.

Turn the Furby upside down, then right side up again to activate it. It should now be reset and able to talk again.

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