How to Stop Toddlers from Rolling Out of Bed

Sooner or later, your toddler will outgrow his crib and it will be time to transition your little one to a big-kid bed. This change in sleep environment can be a significant adjustment for some toddlers, often necessitating that your child acclimate to the new bed before getting a peaceful night’s sleep. You may have a hard time initially keeping your toddler from falling out of bed, but with time he'll get used to his new sleeping arrangement.

Place your child’s bed in a corner of the bedroom so that the head of the bed and one side of the bed are against walls, advises the Women’s and Children’s Health Network 1. This helps prevent your child from falling out of two of the sides of the bed. Push the bed flush against the walls.

Install a bed guard rail along the exposed side edge of the bed to prevent your toddler from rolling out of bed from the long side that is not against the wall.

Tuck your child into bed with sheets and blankets, pulling the covers snugly around him. This may keep him from moving too freely in bed and accidentally rolling out.


If your child moves freely in bed and finds a way to roll out, even with the safety precautions, consider moving her mattress out of the bed frame and onto the floor for a few weeks. This transition period can enable her to acclimate to the new bed without worry about her falling a long distance to the floor if she does roll off the mattress. For best results, keep the mattress in the same spot where the bed will eventually be.

Rearranging bedroom furniture and your child’s bed may lead to your child rolling out of bed, warns Jodi A. Mindell, author of “Sleeping Through the Night.” For example, if the left side edge of your child’s bed was exposed and you've moved the bed so the right side edge is now exposed, your child may roll out the right side because he was accustomed to this side being against the wall.

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