How to Put a Delta Luv Crib Together

Delta Luv cribs are designed to compliment any room design. Delta Luv cribs can be used during the newborn, infant and toddler stages of your child's growth. All cribs come with eight pieces: a right and left crib end, two posts, stabilizer bar, front and back railing and a mattress support grid. When assembling the crib, don't tighten screws completely. This method will help make the assembly process easier. Wait to tighten all the crib's bolts until the crib is fully assembled.

Attach the left crib end to the left crib post using two 66-mm bolts and an Allen wrench. The side of the post that has two holes should be facing away the same direction as the crib end.

Attach the right crib end to the right crib post using two more 66-mm bolts.

Line up the holes on the right and left crib posts with the holes on the back railing. Screw together using four 53-mm bolts and the Allen wrench.

Lay the crib down so the crib backing is on the floor and the two side pieces are facing up. Place the stabilizer bar across the bottom of the crib, in between the two side pieces.

Screw the stabilizer bar to the left and right crib ends using both dowel pieces, two 66-mm bolts, both barrel nuts and the Allen wrench.

Line up and bolt the mattress support grid to the bottom of the crib using all four of the mattress support bolts. A bolt screws into each corner of the crib. There are three adjustment positions for the grid. Use the highest position for newborn babies, the middle position for infants and the lowest position for toddlers.

Install the front crib railing between the two crib sides. Screw into place using 4 53-mm bolts.

Tighten all bolts around the crib.


Use a mattress that's 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches. It should not be more than 6 inches thick.