Toddler Size Quilt vs. Twin Size

A toddler bed accommodates a crib-size mattress, so you can easily transition the sheet set from the crib to your child's “big girl” or "big boy" bed, thereby saving you some cash. Standard nursery bedding, including the quilt, is the same size as a toddler set, but you may find that the quilt, comforter or blanket is a bit too small, depending on how much of the bed you want to cover. Whether it's handmade or purchased from a store, make sure to check the dimensions of your mattress before buying the quilt, because even though the quilt package states “toddler size,” the dimensions may vary.


You may often see the word “drop” on a quilt, comforter or blanket package. This term refers to how far down to the floor the front of the quilt reaches. If you use a dust ruffle or bed skirt (the fabric that surrounds the base of the mattress and drops to the floor), a standard 14-inch bed skirt is used for a twin, and a toddler bed uses an 11- to 13-inch bed skirt, because toddler beds are closer to the ground.

Standard Mattress Sizes

Standard toddler beds require a 28- by 52-inch crib mattress. A standard twin mattress, also called a "single," is 39 by 75 inches. A twin XL, or extra-long mattress, is 39 by 80 inches -- which you probably won't need for a long time, unless you have an exceptionally tall toddler. The dimension that varies is the mattress depth. A standard crib mattress is 5 to 7 inches deep, and a standard twin is 7 to 9 inches deep 1. This should be taken into consideration when making your quilt.

Standard Toddler Quilt

If you buy a toddler quilt from a store, it can be anywhere from 36 by 50 inches to 46 by 70 inches, depending on the manufacturer. The package should state whether the quilt is for a crib mattress or twin, and additionally, it should always provide the dimensions. If you are buying a handmade toddler quilt, the sizes vary. According to Flying Geese Quilt Guild, a handmade crib quilt, which is the same as a toddler quilt, is 36 by 53 inches, but the size can still vary, depending on who is making it.

Standard Twin Quilt

Standard twin-size quilts, purchased from a store, can be anywhere from 68 inches to 72 inches wide, and 86 inches to 96 inches long, but again, this can vary, depending on the manufacturer. A twin blanket is usually 66 by 90 inches, which allows you to tuck the ends under the mattress to hold it in place, while a quilt simply drapes over the bed.

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