How to Use Regular-Sized Crib Bedding for a Mini Crib

A standard-sized crib usually is about 30-inches wide by 54-inches long. In contrast, a mini-crib usually runs between 25 and 28 inches wide by 38 to 40 inches long. Mini-cribs can be extremely useful in terms of maximizing a small nursery area 2. However, finding bedding for mini-cribs may not always be as easy as finding bedding for standard-sized cribs. Luckily, if you only have standard-sized bedding, you can convert it to fit your mini-crib.

Center the fitted sheet on top of the crib mattress while the mattress is in the crib.

Fold each short end of the fitted sheet over the end of the mattress and tuck the sheet under each end of the mattress.

Fold the long sides of the sheet over the sides of the mattress. Tuck these sides under the mattress so that they lap over the short sides of the sheet that you already tucked under.

Tug the fitted sheet gently to see if it is tight. If it is easily moved, you must take out the mattress, re-fold the sheet as described and tape the sheet to the underside of the mattress with fabric tape. Use enough tape to secure the sheet on all sides of the mattress. Loose-fitting sheets can be choking hazards, so you must avoid anything except a tight fit. Once you tape the sheet, turn the mattress over and place it back into the crib.

Place the baby in a sleep sack, which keeps the baby warm and offers a swaddling option. This is safer than using extra sheets or blankets on a young baby.

Fold down approximately a fourth of a sheet or blanket when the child gets older if you wish to add extra bedding. Since the mini-crib mattress is about one fourth as long as the standard crib mattress, this fold should compensate for the extra fabric.

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