Munire Crib Instructions

Cribs manufactured by Munire are typically sold through specialty boutiques and high end stores. While the cribs go together easily, it can be frustrating if your crib packaging did not come with the instruction manual. To complete this task, you should not need any tools other than the Allen key that is in the bag of hardware.

Put together the spring assembly that will hold the mattress in place. To do this, place one support bracket at both sides of the front and back of the spring assembly. Place the 3/4 inch bolts through the support bracket and the corresponding hole on the spring assembly. Use a wing nut to tighten each bolt. The desired height of the mattress will determine which set of holes you use. For the highest position, use the hole closest to the corner of the spring assembly 1. For the lowest position, use the hole closest to the middle of the spring assembly. Make sure all brackets are in the same hole position.

Lean the headboard against the wall or have someone hold it for you. Attach the side boards to the headboard by placing one 4-inch Allen bolt through the top and bottom holes of the head board into the side board. Turn the Allen key clockwise to tighten the bolts.

Attach the stabilizer bar between the side boards at the front of the crib. Insert a 2 3/4- inch Allen bolt through each hole at the bottom of the side boards into the stabilizer bar and tighten using the Allen key.

Install the spring assembly by placing a 1-inch Allen bolt through the stabilizer bar into the bottom hole on the support bracket. Place one K nut at the end of each bolt and tighten with the Allen key. The process for the headboard is the same, but you will use the 1 3/8-inch Allen bolts.

Place the footboard against the front of the crib. Secure in place by inserting one 2-inch Allen bolt through the inside of the side board slat through to the footboard. Use the Allen key to tighten.


Check all bolts on your crib frequently as your baby becomes more mobile. Over time, babies can shake the crib loose and you may need to tighten the bolts.

As your baby grows, you will need to loosen the wing nuts and adjust the spring assembly to a lower mattress position to prevent your baby from being able to climb out of the crib.

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