Lindam Baby Bouncer Instructions

The Lindam Bounce About baby bouncer is recommended for babies aged 6 months to 1 year, with a weight limit of 11.8kg 1. Lindam, which is based in Britain, has tested the bouncer to one million bounces. You must familiarise yourself with the bouncer's proper use to ensure your baby safely enjoys as many bounces as possible.

Open the bouncer's clamp arms and secure them over a door frame. Use the bouncer only in doorways with a wall thickness between 4 and 6 3/4 inches. The door-frame moulding must be flat and be at least 1/2-inch wide.

Pull on the bouncer's strap with a firm, downward motion. If the clamp or main strap moves, the doorway is unsafe. Try a different doorway.

Slide your baby into the cloth seat. Adjust the straps and buckle so she fits securely.

Hold your baby, propping her on one of your knees, in the doorway beneath the bouncer hanger. Hook the straps extending from the seat into the openings on the hanger.

Slide the plastic adjusters on the arm straps down to about 4 inches above your baby's shoulders.

Adjust the main strap on the bouncer, if necessary, so your baby's feet barely touch the floor. If another adult can help, have him lift the baby and seat while you make the adjustment. Squeeze the sides of the adjustment clamp on the main strap as you feed the strap in the direction necessary to raise or lower the height. Otherwise, remove the seat straps and take the baby from the hanger before making the adjustment, then replace the straps and baby when the adjustment is complete.


Keep your bouncer clean by washing the removable seat on a cool setting in your washing machine. Hang to dry. Clean plastic parts of the bouncer with a dampened cloth. Reassemble the bouncer when it is dry.


Always stay near your child while she is in the bouncer.

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