Instructions for Little Tykes Cameras

Little kids enjoy imitating adults, and their favorite toys often include those that resemble real items their parents use 2. A digital camera is one of those items that children enjoy playing with, and to prevent breaking a real one, a toy digital camera is a must-have for any little kid 12. Little Tykes digital cameras are convenient first cameras for children; they allow kids to take up to 1000 pictures and transfer them to a computer 12. They also feature big buttons and rubber handles to help little hands take pictures easily 2.

Taking Photos

Press the "Power" button, located to the left of the LCD screen, and hold for two seconds to turn on the camera.

Hold the camera by the handles and focus the image by looking through the dual-viewfinder or the LCD screen.

Press the "Shutter" button, located on the front of the camera and toward the right, to take a picture.

View the photos taken by pressing the "Up" and "Down" keys on the right of the LCD screen.

Deleting Photos

Make sure the camera is turned on. If the camera is off, press the "Power" button for two seconds to turn the camera on.

Press the "Up" and "Down" keys until you find the picture you wish to delete.

Press the "Delete" button, located under the "Power" button, once. An "X" will appear on top of the picture and a beep will sound.

Press the "Delete" button to confirm the action.

Press the "Shutter" button to return to the picture-taking mode.

Downloading Photos to a Computer

Press the "Power" button for two seconds to turn the camera off.

Connect the camera to your computer using the included USB cable.

Double-click on the "Removable Disk" icon on “My Computer.”

Double-click on the folder “DCIM” and then double click on the folder "100IMAGE."

Drag the photos you wish to transfer into the desktop or another folder.


Always supervise your child when taking pictures.