Instructions for Jumperoo

The Jumperoo is a baby play centre manufactured by Fisher-Price 1. When your baby is able to hold his head up without assistance, the Jumperoo can provide mental stimulation that encourages play and exploration. With a stationary base and a seat that encourages leg exercise, it is an alternative to the traditional walker. The Jumperoo includes four toys on the lower tray area for your baby's entertainment. Proper assembly is essential to your child's safety.

Select one hinged base and place it on a level surface. Place a second hinged base so that the two form a half-circle. Push the two tube ends together where the two bases meet, pushing until they click together, forming a half-circle.

Select a tube with one of the smaller base sections attached. Push the button on the end of the tube and slide it into the open tube on the end of the half-circle. Listen for a click to indicate that it is connected. Push the button on the hinged base on the other side of the circle and insert the tube from the final base portion with the large plastic base piece. Lift the large base piece and slide it over the end of the base on the opposite side, completing the circle. Press down until the base sections click.

Position the plastic seat ring so that the wheels are facing up. Slide the loops on the seat pad over the hooks on each side of the star-shaped image on the seat. Work your way around the seat ring securing the tabs of the seat pad on the seat ring hooks. Pull the pad through the seat ring, securing the pad around the edges.

Select a frame post, one of the upright posts, and press the button on the post while sliding it into one of the base sections. Repeat the process with the other two posts. Push the seat ring into the Jumperoo body. Press it down until it locks.

Remove the screws from the battery compartment with a small Phillips screwdriver. Place three "AA" batteries in the compartment and replace the cover. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Press the toys into place on the tray, pressing down until they lock. Slide the leaf pieces into the mounting areas on top of the side posts.


Do not place a child over 11.3 Kilogram into the Jumperoo.