Instructions for a Carter's Crib

Carter's is a brand synonymous with babies and young children. The company is known for clothes but has also branched out into nursery furniture. Carter's offers several different cribs, all of which are convertible, meaning your child can use them as a crib, then a toddler bed and finally a full-sized bed. Putting the crib together is a fairly simple process, but you will need to follow the directions and make sure you inspect the crib for loose parts before placing the baby in it.

Place the front and back rails on a soft surface to prevent scratching. Align the mattress support rails with the front and back rails at the height where you want the mattress. Attach the mattress support rails to the front and back rails with the button head screws, using the Allen key.

Attach the side rails to the back rail, using two screws on each side. Secure tightly with a screwdriver.

Insert two dowels into each side rail and place the front rail onto the dowels. Attach the front rail to the side rails, using two screws on each side. Secure tightly. The dowels give the crib a second level of security, keeping the front rail in place.

Place the mattress support board on the mattress support rails, and secure with the clips that are factory attached to the bottom of the mattress support board. The clips on the mattress support board should be facing down, and the board should fit snugly in the space.

Secure the mattress support board to the rails by turning the support clips on the bottom of the board.


When your child is first born, you will want to place the mattress at the highest level for easy access. Once your child can stand, however, lower the mattress to the lowest-possible setting.

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