Instructions for the Alpha Elite Car Seat

Your child can grow with his or her car seat with the Alpha Elite car seat. The seat is three car seats in one. It serves as a rear-facing infant seat, forward-facing car seat and a booster. The convertible car seat can accommodate your child from five pounds to 100 pounds. The Alpha Elite also features three different reclining positions, armrests and a cup holder. The position you use depends on your child’s height, weight and age.


Tighten the harness straps on the car seat, put it in its most reclined position and place it rear-facing in the back seat. Make sure the level lines on the shoulder belt position guide are level with the ground. Use the rear facing car seat if your child weighs five to 35 pounds and is 19 to 36 inches tall.

Insert the lap or lap/shoulder belt through the rear-facing belt slot.

Bring the seat belt under the pad in front of the crotch strap and out through the opposite side.

Buckle the seat belt.

Push down on the car seat using all of your weight while you pull up on the seat belt to tighten the belt. Pull the pad off the car seat if you need to access and tighten the belt in the path slot.

Put your weak hand on the belt path and wiggle the car seat forward and back and from side to side. The seat is secure if the seat belt doesn’t loosen and doesn't move more than an inch in either direction.


Tighten the harness traps and place the Alpha Elite car seat forward-facing in the back seat. Make sure the car seat is flush against the back of the seat. Use the car seat in the forward-facing position if your child is over one year old, weighs from 22 to 40 pounds and is 34 to 40 inches tall.

Put the lap belt or shoulder/lap belt through the belt path and out the opposite side. Buckle the seat belt.

Place your knee in the car seat and push down using all of your weight while you pull to tighten the seat belt.

Attach the hook from the back of the seat to an anchor in your vehicle. Anchors are normally found on the top of your seat. If your vehicle does not have an anchor, tuck the anchor strap and hook under the car seat.


Remove the harness and base of the Alpha Elite car seat to use it as a belt-positioning booster seat. Use a booster seat when your child is over one year old, weighs 40 to 100 pounds and is 43 to 52 inches tall.

Put the seat in the fully reclined position and push down on the tab on the right side of the base to remove the base. Push on the bar from the other side and pull the bar out. Pull the recliner lever to lift the shell off the base. Undo the harness straps from the splitter plate in the back of the car seat to remove the harness. Pull the harness through the front of the car seat, take it out of the harness retainer and out of the buckle plates.

Place the car seat in the fully upright position by rotating the recline stand out and pushing it upward.

Put the booster seat in the back seat against the seat. Your child should sit in the car seat with their back and bottom fully in the seat.

Strap your child in with the lap/shoulder belt resting across their thighs.

Strapping In

Put your child in the car seat.

Place the harness straps over your child’s shoulders and push the buckle plates into the buckle until they click. Pull up on the harness to ensure it is locked tightly.

Pull the harness adjustment strap at the front of the car seat to tighten the harness straps. Make sure there is no slack in the harness but that it doesn’t push into your child’s skin.

Snap the harness retainer together at about mid-chest level on your child.


If your vehicle uses the LATCH system, it is often recommended by most auto manufacturers in place of seat belts. Check your vehicle owners manual for car seat recommendations. The installation directions are much the same; tighten the LATCH belt in the same manner that you do the seat belt, ensuring there is minimal (less than one inch) side-to-side or back-and-forth movement after securing the car seat.


Instructions may vary slightly depending on the year your car seat was manufactured. These instructions cover Alpha Elite car seats manufactured from 2008 to 2010.