How to Install a Doorway Jumper

Let your baby get some exercise and play while you work in any room in the house. Set up a doorway jumper on any available door frame and let your baby bounce to his heart’s content, leaving your hands free for daily chores and housework. The jumpers can be installed quickly and require no expertise to assemble. When you need to change rooms, the jumper and baby can be moved with you. This provides you the opportunity to watch the baby and keep up with everything a busy mom needs to accomplish in her day.

Hook the clamp to the door frame that has a molding at least 1/2 inch wide. Pull the two sides of the spring-loaded clamp apart and position the clamp onto each side of the door frame.

Clip the top of the spring assembly to the clamp.

Lay the saddle out flat on the floor and extend the webbing to the sides.

Place your baby into the center of the saddle and pull the front and back portions up around him. Secure the saddle with the safety straps.

Bring the stretchable cords up and over your baby's arms so that the center of the cord is directly above his shoulder and his arms extend out through the opening created by the cord.

Clip the cords to the ends of the spreader bar.

Lift the bar up to the spring and clip it onto the swivel snap at the lower end of the spring.

Adjust the height of the swing so that your baby's feet just reach the floor. Rearrange the links in the chain at the top of the spring assembly to obtain the desired height.


Never leave the baby unattended.

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