How to Troubleshoot the Peg Perego Gator

An Italian manufacturer of juvenile products, Peg Perego is perhaps best known for its quality strollers. The company also produces products such as high chairs, car seats, and battery-powered ride-on toys, such as the Peg Perego Gator. The Gator is a child-sized replica of the John Deere HPX 4x4 vehicle, with a 3-position accelerator, automatic brakes and a working dump bed with tailgate. It uses a 12-volt rechargeable battery and drives at speeds of 2.5 to 4.5 miles per hour. If the Peg Perego ceases to function properly, it is likely due to battery or wire connection problems.

Inspect all plugs to make sure they are fully connected.

Check the wires that connect the reduction gears to make sure none of them has become disconnected.

Remove the battery and fully recharge it by plugging it into an electrical outlet for 24 hours.

Connect the system plug firmly with the battery plug.

Check the accelerator switch. If the Gator functions when you bypass the switch, you will need to replace that part.


When operating on soft terrain, the overload circuit breaker will automatically disconnect power to the Gator for 10 seconds before resetting. The vehicle will not operate properly until you move it to smooth terrain.


Only use the Gator on level ground and with parental supervision. Never allow more than two riders in the vehicle.

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