How to Fix a Drop-Side Crib

In 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the sale of drop-side cribs. Companies that manufacture these cribs made available immobilisation kits, which convert the drop sides to fixed side cribs. Drop side cribs pose a health risk to babies. They can cause injury or suffocation. The CPSC strongly recommends that owners avoid trying to fix the drop side crib with home made solutions. Fixing a drop side crib involves installing the proper immobilisation kit.

Contact theSto crib's manufacturer to receive an immobilisation kit. The manufacturer is required by the CPSC to provide the kit for free if your crib has been recalled. Consult the Resources section to see if your crib is part of the recall 12. Stop using the crib while you wait for the kit to arrive.

Pull up the drop side and lock it into its most upright position. This will allow you to install the immobilisation kit properly.

Install the immobilisation kit by following the manufacturer's instructions. The instructions will vary based on your brand and model number. Generally, a metal or plastic piece is placed under the lowest part of the drop side on each side of the crib and then screwed into place. This prevents you from being able to lower the drop side.

Press down firmly on the top of the drop side to make sure the immobilisation kit keeps the drop side upright.

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