How to Fix a Side Drop Crib

For decades, drop side cribs were a common fixture in many nurseries 1. In December 2010, after nearly 30 infant/toddler deaths, drop side cribs were outlawed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission 1. This was after the largest crib recall in U.S. history from the well-know baby furniture manufacturer Stork Craft 2. Although drop side cribs can no longer be sold or resold, many of the cribs are still in circulation 1. Parents given baby furnishing by family and friends, or with a crib from an older child, often do not want to give up the sentiment of a cherished crib or the money to purchase a new one. Simply making the drop side stationary is a quick way to fix the crib.


Lay the crib down on the stationary side.

While making sure the drop side is pushed up to its highest, most secure point, place one L-bracket on each crib leg directly underneath the drop side railing. The bracket should be flush against the crib leg on one side and the bottom of the railing on the other side. Secure the bracket with several wood screws.

Repeat the process on the other side.

Stand the crib back upright. Press firmly on the drop side rail to be sure that it is held securely in the upright position.


  1. Contact the manufacturer first. Stork Craft, Pottery Barn and several other large and small name baby furniture manufacturers provide conversion kits to customers who have previously purchased, or in some cases simply own, a drop side crib. There may be a small fee involved if you cannot provide proof of purchase.
  2. Measure the width of both the crib legs on the drop side and the underside of the drop side railing to find the proper size L-brackets and screws. Take these measurements with you to the hardware store.
  3. Try to find L-brackets with 2 screws on each end; they are the most secure.


No drop side crib can be guaranteed safe when fixed manually or with a conversion kit. Inspect the crib carefully once it is fixed and exercise caution while the crib is in use.

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