Hello Kitty Camera Instructions

The Hello Kitty 1.3 MP VGA digital camera is an affordable and easy-to-use camera that is perfect for children who want to learn about photography and have fun doing it. The camera is made by Spectra and sold in Target stores as well as many websites. It retails for around $40. Included is Hello Kitty software (PC only) for editing photos, playing games and making Hello Kitty-themed pictures.

Getting Your Hello Kitty Camera Ready

Before having fun and taking pictures with the Hello Kitty camera, you need to install two AAA-sized batteries. Unscrew the battery compartment door located on the back of the camera and to the right of the LCD display. Remove the battery compartment door, install the batteries, reattach the battery compartment door and tighten the screw.

Before turning on the camera, insert a 2GB or less SD/MMC card in the card slot on the side of the camera. The camera has 4MB of built-in memory which you can use if you don't insert the SD/MMC card, but you will run out of picture space quickly. It's best to insert a 1GB or 2GB card to ensure hours of picture-taking memory.

Now it's time to power on the camera and start shooting. Press the Power/Mode button once on the back of the camera. The LCD display may prompt you to format the SD/MMC card you inserted. Use the Up/Down button to select OK and then press the Flash/Del button to format it. Now you are ready to shoot some pictures.

Taking Pictures with Your Hello Kitty Camera

To take a picture with the Hello Kitty camera, point the camera at what you want to shoot. Look at the LCD display on the back to see what you are shooting. Push the shutter button on top of the camera and the camera will take a picture. At the top left of the LCD display is how many pictures you have left to take based on how much space is on your SD/MMC card. If your photo is too dark, you can push the Flash/Del button to engage the flash. To zoom in on a subject and get a close-up picture, press the Up button to zoom in and the Down button to zoom out.

You can also take short videos with the Hello Kitty. Press the Power/Mode button until an icon of a video camera appears on the LCD display. You can push the shutter button to start taking video and then press it again to stop the video. The camera can only record video images, not audio in video camera mode.

To view pictures in the LCD display, press the Power/Mode button until a picture frame icon appears on the LCD display. Use the Up/Down button to flip through the pictures you have taken. If you want to delete the picture you are viewing, press the Flash/Del button. It will ask you if you want to delete the picture, use the Up/Down arrow to select Yes and then press the Flash/Del button again to delete the picture. To delete all of the pictures, hold down the Flash/Del button for two seconds.

Getting the Pictures Onto Your Computer

To download your pictures from the Hello Kitty camera on to your computer, use the USB cable that came with the camera. Attach one end to a USB outlet on your computer and the other end to the USB port located on the bottom of your camera. You can also remove the SD/MMC card and insert it into a card reader connected to your computer. You can purchase a card reader at your local office-supply or computer retail store if you don't already have one. Once you have connected the camera or the card to the computer, a folder called "Removable Disk" on your computer's desktop should appear containing all of your pictures. You can drag the pictures from the folder onto your desktop to download the pictures off of the camera. On an Apple computer, the folder will not be called "Removable Disk." Instead it will be called "Dsc _ Fatdisk." You can drag the pictures off the "Dsc _ Fatdisk" folder the same way you do off the "Removable Disk" folder. Following these simple directions should give you or your children hours of picture-taking joy.