Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Instructions

Parents love travel systems because they are able to attach an infant car seat to the stroller while the infant is small and then use it as a regular stroller once the baby is bigger or has outgrown his infant car seat. A popular brand, the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system works with the Graco SnugRide infant seat. Using the seat correctly can help prevent injuries and keep the seating looking new for as long as possible.

Pull the folded stroller's handle toward you.

Pull the stroller upright until you hear it snap into place. Double check that the stroller is completely open before you continue.

Slide the red lever located in the centre of the handle to fold the stroller.

Push the stroller down toward the ground while pushing the lever.

Locate the storage latch on the side of the stroller once it is completely folded. Snap the storage latch to prevent the stroller from opening before you want it to.

Recline the stroller as much as you can. Find the mounting notches on the stroller's child's tray and position them.

Place the car seat on the stroller so that the back of the car seat clicks into the mounting notches. Listen for a snap.

Push the stroller's canopy forward and locate the restraint latches, located on the stroller's sides. Push the canopy back and move the restraint latches until they snap the infant seat onto the stroller.

Pull the infant car seat to make sure that is fully secured.

Remove the seat by taking the restraint latches off and pulling on the squeeze release, which is located at the back of the car seat.


Don't use the stroller for a child over 22.7 Kilogram or taller than 45 inches, as this could pose a safety risk and put too much wear and tear on the stroller. Only use a Graco Snugride or Infant Safeseat car seat with the stroller. If you are using the stroller for an older baby without the infant car seat attachment, you can recline the stroller while he sleeps. Find the recline wire on the back of the seat and squeeze it. Recline the stroller as much as you would like.


Do not place more than three pounds in the parents' tray. To prevent tipping, do not place any bags on the handle or on the stroller's canopy. Always secure your child in the stroller or infant carseat's restraint system to prevent falls and injuries.

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