Graco Nautilus 1749110 Instructions

The Graco Nautilus is a forward-facing multi-stage car seat that will accommodate children from 20 to 100 pounds. The seat features a 5-point harness that can be used on children up to 65 pounds, then converts into a high-back booster seat. Finally, the high-back portion can be removed to create a low-back booster for older children.

Assemble Car Seat

Lay the largest section on the car seat flat on its back. Grab both sides of the seat pad fabric to expose the side gutters.

Raise the seat back with your other hand until both arms lock into the gutters with a click. Check that the loops of the harness straps are securely attached to the arms.

Attach all six elastic loops on the seat pad to the corresponding hooks on the underside of the car seat.

Push and hold the height adjustment button at the top of the head support section of the car seat while pushing the attachment beams into the corresponding slots at the top of the car seat back. You will hear a click when it locks into place.

Adjust the Harness

Lift the harness adjuster lever at the front of the seat and pull the harness straps to loosen them. Open the harness clip and unbuckle the seat belt.

Adjust the crotch strap by feeding that portion of the belt up through the bottom of the car seat while grasping and pulling it from the top. Choose the position that is closest to your child without being under him.

Face the back of the car seat and remove the back portion of the harness straps from the metal junction plate. Pull the straps through the front of the car seat then reinsert from the front into the desired slot to adjust the height. The harness straps must be even with or above your child's shoulders when the child is seated in the car seat. Feed the straps back over the red rollers on the back of the car seat and reinsert straps back onto the metal junction plate. Pull on the harness from the front to make sure it is secure.

Installing with Universal Anchorage System

Place the car seat with its back against the seat back in your desired position within the automobile.

Unhook the UAS connectors from the storage bars on the side of the Nautilus. Extend the UAS strap to its maximum length.

Hook each UAS connector to the anchors on your automobile -- one on each side of the car seat -- while ensuring that the strap does not become twisted.

Tighten the UAS by pulling the adjustment belt while pressing down firmly on the car seat. It might be helpful to use your knee to press your body weight against the seat while tightening it.

Attach the top tether strap to the anchor above or behind the seat of the automobile and pull to secure and tighten.

Installing with Lap Belt

Place the Graco Nautilus with the seat back against the back of the seat in your automobile.

Thread the automobile seat belt through belt slot openings of the car seat.

Buckle the seat belt while ensuring that it is not twisted. Seat belts with a sliding latch plate must be converted with the included locking clip. Tighten seat belt, consulting your vehicle owner's manual for instructions.

Attach the top tether strap to the anchor above or behind the backseat of the automobile and pull to secure and tighten.


An expiration date is posted on the bottom of the car seat. It is unsafe and against the law to use the seat beyond this date.

When installed correctly, the car seat should not move more than 1 inch side to side or forward.

The UAS connectors are only safe to use for children under 48 lbs. The Graco Nautilus should be installed using the safety belt of your automobile beyond that weight.

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