Graco Car Seat Instructions

One of the most important purchases a parent will make for their baby is a durable car seat. A quality car seat can protect a baby in the event of a front or side impact car collision. A car seat brand trusted by many parents is Graco. While a Graco car seat comes fully assembled, installing the car seat in a car or truck can be intimidating to many parents. With some simple instructions, a Graco car seat is easy to install.

Place the Graco car seat on the back seat of your car. If the car seat if for a child that is 2 years of age and younger, be sure to place the car seat in the rear-facing position. Separate the car seat from the car seat base by depressing the handle on the back of the car seat and lifting up on the car seat. Place car seat to the side.

Install the car seat base in the back seat by feeding the seat belt through the openings on the side of the base. Click seat belt securely. Grab strap firmly to reduce excess material, and pull taut. If your car comes equipped with a LATCH system, see Step 3.

Place car seat base on back seat of your vehicle. Feed latch through the base and secure under the base tongue. Fasten LATCH connector to the anchors in the seat of your car. Secure the base by applying weight on the base and pulling on the adjustment belt.

Lift the car seat by the handle. Align the car seat with the car seat base and drop into place. Once the car seat is locked in the base, you will hear a loud click. If you pull up on the car seat, it should not move. If you feel any movement, you will need to repeat step 2 and pull the latch belt securely.The car seat is now ready to be used.