Evenflo Exersaucer Mega Instructions

The Evenflo Exersaucer Mega is designed to stimulate mental and physical development in children older than four months 1. Infants sit within the circular structure and can bounce or rotate in the seat to access the 10 different toys attached. The Exersaucer Mega is adjustable to three different heights, thereby growing with your child. However, many owners of the Exersaucer Mega find the assembly instructions far from simple to understand 1.

Place the large, round base on the floor. The outwardly curving edge should be facing downward.

Attach the three pedestals to the base. To do so, insert your finger into each pedestal and loop the spring within around the hook found on the base in the appropriate holes. Insert the three plastic tabs on each pedestal into the base, locking them into place.

Press the wider end of a lower leg assembly onto each pedestal piece. By wiggling the lower leg assembly side to side, you will eventually snap the pieces into place.

Hold the seat ring in your lap with the open edge facing upward. Press each of the six wheels into the wheel holders around the edge of the seat ring. Each wheel will snap into place when positioned correctly.

Insert the cloth seat into the seat ring, aligning the diamond on the cloth seat with the triangle on the seat ring. Each plastic tab lining the edge of the cloth seat attaches to a peg on the seat ring. Snap these connections into place.

Hold the Exersaucer tray on its side and press the seat ring into the center. Once the seat ring snaps into place, it should be able to spin in place.

Attach the three spring caps to the Exersaucer tray. These spring caps cover the three large holes in your tray, and are attached by a firm clockwise twist.

Attach the upper leg assemblies to the upper leg crowns. These crowns act as the "socket" and the upper leg assemblies act as the "ball." By pressing them together with a click, the upper leg assemblies can twist and rotate in place.

Turn the tray upside down and press each upper leg crown base into the round holes in the tray with a firm twist. Each upper leg crown features a height adjustment hole, which will face outward when properly attached.

Turn over the tray so that the upper leg assemblies are facing downward. Insert each upper leg assembly into a lower leg assembly, being sure to pull away the height adjustment tab to allow the assemblies to slide together.

Press each toy into its respective port on the surface of the tray. The toys each have a distinct base, which clicks into the correspondingly shaped tray port.


Ask for help from another adult to make the construction process move along more quickly.


Ensure that your Exersaucer Mega is properly assembled before placing your child into the seat. Failure to do so can result in pinched skin or other injuries.