Eddie Bauer Travel System Instructions

The Eddie Bauer Travel System is an upscale stroller and car seat combo that is intended for babies and toddlers up to 50 pounds 1. The travel system consists of a portable infant seat, a stroller and a base unit that stays securely strapped in your vehicle. It is simple to move infants from car to stroller and back again, and toddlers will enjoy the three position reclining stroller back and sun shade.

Bring the car seat base to the car and buckle it in the back seat with the middle lap belt, making sure that the base seat is facing toward the back of the car. Use the cutout guides on the base to position it so that there is no wiggling or slack in the sea tbelt. The base stays in the car and the infant seat is snapped in and out to quickly go from car to stroller.

Match up the indentations on the the infant seat portion of the travel system with those on the base and and press down firmly until you hear a loud click. This ensures the car seat is secured to the base so it will not tip over when the car starts to move.

Pull the red "release" lever that is located on the underside of the infant seat when you are ready to to release it from the base. Engage the brakes on the stroller's wheels and snap the infant seat into the stroller the same way that you snapped into the car base, ensuring you hear a loud click.

Apply the stroller brakes and pull the red release lever that is located on the underside of the infant seat when you are ready to separate the seat from the stroller.

Store the stroller in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle until you are ready to use it again.


Ensure that you hear a "click" when you are docking and undocking the infant seat into the car base and the stroller to avoid infant injury.