Directions for the Evenflo Aura Stroller & Carseat

The Evenflo Aura strollers and car seats are designed to be used together as a travel system, allowing parents to easily travel with a baby 1. The Aura stroller has many features parents can enjoy such as an oversized storage basket, one hand fold for easy portability, reclining seat and child's tray. The Evenflo Aura car seat is side-impact tested and includes energy-absorbing foam for added security. To accommodate growing children, the Aura stroller can hold a child of up to 50 pounds, while the car seat can hold babies 5-22 pounds.

To lock the stroller, step on the rear brakes, which are the flaps on the back of the rear wheels.

To open the child’s tray, push the button on the right side of it and lift it up towards the left.

To secure the baby on the stroller, place the baby on the seat. Bring the crotch belt up and in between the child’s legs. Pull the straps around the waist and shoulders and fasten together for a comfortable fit. To loosen the straps push the button on the buckle and pull up.

To easily maneuver the stroller on uneven surfaces, engage the locks on the front wheels by stepping on the swivel lock levers located on the front of the wheels.

To recline the seat, lift up the adjuster tab on the back of the seat and recline back. To raise the seat, lift the seat up and pull up on the strap ring to lock it in that position.

To use the carriage feature, recline the seat fully. Raise the front flap beneath the child’s tray. Fasten both hooks on the front of the flap to the child’s tray. Insert the Velcro straps through the slots on the sides of the seat pad and fasten.

Fold the stroller by locking the brakes, removing the child and folding the canopy first. Pull up the small lock button and squeeze the large release button, both located on the stroller handle. Push down on the handle to fold the stroller. Make sure the folding latch on the right side of the stroller is latched to keep the stroller securely folded.

Install the car seat on the stroller by reclining the seat first. Place the car seat on the stroller so that the baby will be able to look at the parent in this position. Hook in the child's tray and press down until you hear the car seat snap into place. Secure the front of the car seat with the car seat stabilizer. To do this, lift the tabs on the sides of the canopy and connect them to the hooks on both sides of the car seat.

To remove the car seat, unhook the car seat stabilizer. Squeeze the seat release handle on the back of the car sit. Lift the car seat up.

Place your child on the car seat. Make sure his bottom and back are flat against the seat. Slide the harness straps over the baby’s shoulders. Insert the buckle's tongues into the buckle. Pull up on the harness to make sure the belt is secure. Align the two sides of the chest clip and snap together at armpit level. Make sure the straps are snug but not loose.

To remove the child from the car seat, press the red button on the buckle and remove the buckle tongues. Unfasten the chest clip by squeezing the tabs together and pulling them apart. Squeeze the harness adjustment tabs while pulling on the straps to loosen them.

To install the base with a seat belt, make sure the vehicle is on a level surface. Check the indicator on the base to make sure it is green. If it is red, press the adjustment button on the back of the base and lower the adjustment leg. Level the base until the indicator is green. Route the vehicle’s belt though the openings on the side of the base. Pull the shoulder belt tight and push the base down with your weight.

LATCH is a system included in certain car models to install a car seat base without using the seat belts, but instead using metal anchors. To install the base with the LATCH system, route the LATCH harness and hook though the LATCH harness openings on the sides of the base. Attach the LATCH hooks into the square metal anchors placed in between the lower back seat cushions. Pull hard on the LATCH harness to make sure the LATCH system is secure. Pull up on the straps to tighten, and push the base into the vehicle’s seat with your weight.

To remove the LATCH system, press the adjustment release button on the straps to loosen the harness. Press the tab and twist to remove the hook. Store the LATCH system straps in the area beneath the base.

To install the car seat without the base, place it in the back seat of the vehicle with the baby looking towards the seat, and adjust it so that the level line on the right side of the car seat is parallel to the floor. Route the vehicle’s belt through the belt slots on the sides of the restraint. Push down on the bottom of the seat with your weight.

Place the car seat on the base and press until it is locked into place. Pull the car seat up to make sure it is locked. Check the base level indicator to make sure the car seat is level. Move the car seat handle to the back of the car seat by pressing the handle releases on the sides of the handle and moving the handle back.

To release the car seat, pull the handle up first. Squeeze the car seat release handle on the back of the car seat and lift the car seat up.


Place a stack of wipes on the dispenser on the stroller. Remove the dispenser with the wipes when needed. Cover the car seat with a blanket in warm weather to prevent the buckles from getting hot.


Always use the waist restraint on the stroller and car seat. Do not raise or lower the recline position of the stroller seat with a child on it. Do not lift the stroller by the car seat handle when used as a travel system. Never use the car seat in the forward-facing position. Never use the car seat in the front seat of a vehicle.

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