Cosco Car Seat Instructions

Infant and toddler car seats such as those made by Cosco are designed to be rear-facing in order to protect the child from severe head and body injury during collision. Many infant seats are designed with carrier handles to transport the baby with minimal disruption. Some car seats are designed for larger babies and toddlers who can comfortably sit upright. Booster seats are required for toddlers and children to safely ride in a car.

Infant Car Seat

Install your baby seat by placing it in the center back seat, positioned facing rear and tilt the seat to thread the car seat belt through the slots to secure. Attach the seat belt to the corresponding buckle, and reposition the seat snugly against the back cushion. Lightly pull the side of the seat belt to ensure it is locked in position (not loose). If desired, move the carrying handle forward or backward so it's out of the way. Position your child so that she is facing the back window and arrange the three-point seat belt harness on the baby seat so that it's over her shoulders and buckled between her legs. Check that the harness is snug but not tight.

Booster Seats

Booster seats for children should be installed in the back seat because front airbags may be harmful to children when engaged. Check your child's weight and height to see whether the Cosco car seat will accommodate his size and adjust the belt guides on the seat for a comfortable fit. For example, the Cosco Complete Voyager can accommodate children between 30 and 80 pounds and the belt can be adjusted in three positions on each side.

Install your booster seat by placing it in the desired location and tilt the seat forward to thread the car seat belt through the rear slots. The car seat belt will be used as the primary seat belt for the booster seat. Make sure that both parts of the seat belt are threaded through the guide, so that the belt doesn't cut uncomfortably against your child's shoulder. If accessories such as a cup holder or a snack tray are used, insert the tray into the side slot of the booster seat. Whenever your child is seated, the seat belt should fit snugly around his waist.

Check out your state's requirements on the map provided by Dorel (see Resources).

Specific Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals for your specific product can be requested from Cosco (see Resources). Brand, product number and manufacture date are listed on the label located at the bottom or on the side of your car seat. The website requires all information to be completed before an instruction manual can be ordered. Select "Car Seat" as the type of product (from the drop-down menu) and type your product number and select the manufacture date to search for your specific manual.