How Thick Should a Mattress Be for a Baby Bassinet?

With your new baby in your arms, one of the last things you may think about is the security of your baby’s bassinet mattress 1. Even though sometimes overlooked, there are many qualities that you should consider for your baby’s mattress--how flammable the mattress is, its thickness, its softness, and how it is secured in the bassinet 1. Most of these items can be identified by reading the tag on the mattress and doing your homework before you purchase your mattress.


Bassinet mattresses typically run between an inch and two inches in thickness. You also need to determine the fabric of your mattress. Your bassinet mattress should be constructed of a flame resistant material like high-density foam with internal fire barriers 1. This foam should be no wider than 2 inches to ensure the proper safety and support for your baby. Some mattresses include an innerspring design that allows for support of your baby, with added comfort to cushion your baby. The border rod for this cushioned mattress extends the life of the mattress due to the added support.

Safety Regulations

Regulation standards have been set for bassinets to protect your baby. When purchasing any bassinet mattress that is a regulation size of 1 or 2 inches in thickness, make sure the mattress meets federal safety regulations for safety standards 1. Read the mattress tag for more information on your mattress.
Make sure that your mattress is placed securely in your bassinet with no room for the baby to shift in between the mattress and the bassinet 1. The mattress should have the same corners as the bassinet 1. If the corners are rounded, then the mattress corners should also be rounded to avoid gaps or spaces.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Besides the thickness of the mattress, the most important factor is flame resistance. Your baby should be protected from any possible threats, which include fire.
Thickness of your baby’s mattress is also important. A foam mattress that is firm enough to support your baby is necessary. Make sure you purchase a mattress with a density of at least 1.5 pounds per cubic foot of density.

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