Instructions to Assemble a Bassett Crib

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued dozens of crib recalls over the past few years; the majority involving drop-side cribs. Bassett Furniture's baby division sells more than a dozen different styles of cribs in multiple finishes 1. None of these models has drop-side rails, which, if installed incorrectly, can pose a suffocation hazard. Instructions should be included with your purchase of a new Bassett crib, as individual steps vary by model.

How to Assemble a Bassett Crib

Locate the step-by-step instructions for constructing your Bassett crib. These instructions should be inside the box with all the parts for your crib.

Contact the manufacturer if you do not receive the instructions with your purchase.

Bassett Furniture 3525 Fairystone Park Highway Post Office Box 626 Bassett, Virginia 24055 1-877-525-7070 1

Verify you have all the parts necessary to assemble your Bassett crib. Compare the list of parts on your instruction manual with the pieces that came with your order. If you are missing a piece or if a piece is broken, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Move all the pieces into the room where the crib will be located. Some Bassett cribs are too large to fit through a standard doorway once assembled.

Attach the crib's stabilizer rails to the headboard and foot-board using screws. A pair of stabilizer rails (one of each side of the crib) and all necessary screws should be included with your purchase. Secure the rails with a washer and bolt. Tighten with an Allen wrench.

Insert the spring frame into place. This should fit snugly in the rectangular space created by the headboard, foot-board and two support rails. Secure the spring frame to the inside of the support rails using screws and bolts supplied with your purchase.

Attach the side rails to the crib, again using screws and bolts included with your purchase. Adding these pieces will complete the basic construction of the crib.

Move the crib to its desired location in the room. Some cribs are specifically designed for one side to butt up against a wall; others are more versatile and allow any side of the crib to be placed against a wall.

Insert a crib mattress into the crib. This mattress will rest on the spring frame. The mattress typically is not included with the purchase of the crib.


Some Bassett cribs come with extra features, such as a storage drawer beneath the crib . If you purchased a crib with this drawer, you'll have an additional step between Steps 5 and 6. The hardware for the drawer is installed on the inside of the head and foot-boards. Once crib assembly is complete, you'll have to construct the drawer, following the directions supplied with your purchase. The last step is to slide the drawer into place.

Bassett has a long history of making cribs. The company recommends all of its cribs made prior to 1972 be replaced, due to major safety improvements made since that time.

Make sure the crib is sturdy before placing a child inside.

The crib's spring frame can be raised and lowered as your child grows. You'll have to loosen the bolts attached in Step 6 to adjust the height.

Register your Bassett crib with the company's warranty program. This will make it easier for the company to contact you in the case of a product recall.


Do not use replacement parts for a Bassett crib that are not made by the Bassett Furniture company. Non-Bassett parts may not work correctly and could compromise the structural integrity of your crib.

Do not place your Bassett crib near window blinds, shades or cords, which can be hazardous to your child.

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