Simmons Crib Assembly Instructions

If you’ve recently purchased a Simmons crib, you will need to assemble it 1. Simmons cribs come in several large pieces that are easy to assemble. The crib will come with all the tools you will need. Assemble it properly and ensure that all the screws are tight.

Twist the furniture pads on the bottom legs of the crib ends. There are four furniture pads, two on each end. These pads will prevent the crib from scratching the floor.

Line up one side of the crib with one end of the crib. Line up the holes in the crib end with the ends of the crib side.

Screw the screws in place by hand. Tighten them with an Allen wrench.

Attach the other end of the crib to that one side of the crib in the same manner.

Line up the mattress support so that it is in between the two crib ends and up against the crib sides. Line them up so the hole in the end of the crib is lined up with the metal diagonal support in the corner.

Screw all four screws in place. Tighten them with an Allen wrench.

Attach the crib side by lining it up and tightening the screws.

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