How to Reset Pleo

Pleo is an autonomous, robotic dinosaur pet from Innvo Labs. Pleo interacts with people, its surroundings and other Pleos. However, Pleo owners may occasionally experience malfunction when attempting to upgrade Pleo's operating system, LifeOS. Pleo may also malfunction during regular operation or display an undesirable personality. To remedy any of these situations, owners can reset Pleo to hatching stage by reinstalling LifeOS.

Patch Pleo

Download and unzip the SD Card downgrade for the "Patch" and "Version 1.1" archives to your computer (see resources). Open the decompressed folder if your computer does not automatically do so.

Connect an SD memory card to your computer via a memory card reader.

Activate and open the folder on your computer that contains the patch folder. Select the files, right click on one of them and choose "Copy." Open the SD card window, right click and choose "Paste."

Disconnect and remove the SD card from your computer. Insert it into the memory card slot in Pleo's belly.

Turn on Pleo and wait for three sets of tones to play. It will play one tone, two tones and three tones respectively.

Turn off Pleo and remove the SD card 1.

Upload Operating System

Connect the SD card to your computer. Delete the folder and its contents by clicking on it and pressing "Delete" on the keyboard.

Open the Version 1.1 folder on your computer. Copy and paste the individual files within the folder onto your now-empty SD card.

Remove the memory card from your computer and inset it into Pleo's memory card slot.

Turn on Pleo and wait for him to move, then turn him off.

Remove the SD card from Pleo by lightly pushing it in until it ejects.

Turn on Pleo and he should revert to hatching position.

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