Can You Block Internet Access on Kindle for Kids?

Electronic tablets have quickly become a major draw for kids, who use it to play many of the tablet-friendly games. Although a few games might seem harmless, many games require purchasing items to enhance game play and make it very easy for kids to do so with a simple screen touch if your tablet is connected to the Internet. Older kids can also easily access the web, risking exposure to inappropriate content. If you have the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, you have several options available to block access to the Internet when your kids are using it 1.

Wi-Fi Network Password

When you are at home, your Kindle uses its wi-fi connection to connect to your home network. The first time you set it up, if your home network is protected -- and it should be -- you had to put in a password to get connected on your Kindle. It will automatically connect you to this connection whenever you use it at home, which can easily allow your kids to access the Internet. Before you hand your Kindle over to your kids, in the wireless menu, touch your connection and a screen will come up that provides information on the connection and includes a "forget" button. Press the button so that the wi-fi "forgets" the password and requires you to type it in again. Do not give your kids the wi-fi password, and they will not be able to access the internet. This only applies for wireless networks that are protected, however. Keep in mind that your child might be able to find a neighbor's open connection to connect to the Internet.

Use Parental Controls

Kindle Fire has easy-to-access parental controls to prevent your children from accessing the Internet 1. Swipe down at the top of the screen to get a menu of options and select "More," which will take you to settings. Click "Parental Controls" and select "On." You will be prompted to create a user name and password for the parental controls. Once you create the password, you can open parental controls and select the content you want to restrict on your Kindle, including the ability to make Amazon purchases, and block videos, music and games. It also gives you the option of requiring a separate password to turn on the wi-fi.

Airplane Mode

When you are in a hurry and your kids want to use your Kindle, "Airplane Mode" in the wireless menu can be your best friend. Perhaps you are on your way out the door and don't have time to turn on the parental controls so your child can play safely on the Kindle. Simply tap "On" next to "Airplane Mode" in the wireless menu and exit the wireless screen. All wireless networks will be blocked. However, this only works with younger children who do not yet know how to turn on and off the wireless connections.

Kindle FreeTime

As of publication, the Kindle Fire HD tablets feature Kindle FreeTime, which is an application that allows you to customize the Kindle content you want your child to have access to. You can download and put in kid-friendly books, games, movies and television programs that you deem appropriate for your child. It features a carousel interface, similar to the general Kindle menu, where you child can choose among the options you have downloaded into the FreeTime app. If you have more than one child, you can have up to six profiles on FreeTime, with each one customized to that individual child. It also blocks all access to the Internet, Amazon stores and any social networking, unless you allow it.

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