How to Write a Theatre Bio for Children

Aside from each having played more than 1,000 shows on Broadway, "The Sound of Music," "The Music Man" and "Annie" share another trait: they all feature children characters 1. In a program, the young actors who portray child characters are given their space for biographies alongside adult actors. While a child actor won't have the lengthy resume of an older, more established performer, you can still write an informative piece so the audience can learn about your young thespian.

Introduce your child in the first sentence, positively stating how he feels about the production and his relationship to it. For example, "Matthew Mattle is excited about his first appearance with Broadstreet High," or "Cassandra Cassle is happy to be returning to the Mahalok Repertory stage, having previously been seen in their Young Actor's Workshop."

List other roles your child has had. If he has not had any roles, list any training that is relevant, or skip to interests. For example, "Matthew takes voice classes with Ari Newlander," or "In addition to her previous Mahalok role, Cassandra was in the ensemble of Theater in the Park's 'Annie' and played Bielke in 'Fiddler on the Roof' at the Newlindian Theater."

Cite some interests that your child has. For example, "In addition to acting and singing, Matthew likes to read and study the stars," or "Cassandra can be found on her dirt bike when not reciting her favorite lines from the Bard."

End the biography with a mention of someone the child is grateful to. For example, "Matthew would like to thank his parents for their support and chauffeuring" or "Cassandra is appreciative of cast members taking her under their wings."


Write the biography in the third person. Keep the biography current and concise. Do not list roles from six years ago -- unless they are they only roles she has had. If a photograph is used in the program, it will usually be the head shot with which your child auditioned. If you do not have a head shot, ask the director what kind of photograph he would like.

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