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My Leap Frog Leapster Won't Turn On

By Maya Walker ; Updated April 18, 2017

The LeapFrog Leapster is an educational tool used by children ages 4 to 10. The handheld console helps children with their reading and math skills. The console features a touchscreen that you can control using a stylus. If you are unable to turn on your child's Leapster, you can troubleshoot the issue before contacting customer service. You can fix many of the most common problems that cause the device not to turn on without the assistance of a professional.

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Ensure the batteries in the LeapFrog Leapster are installed with the "+" and "-" ends in the right positions. If not, reposition the batteries.

Ensure the battery cover is secure. Use a screwdriver or coin to tightly secure the cover.

Rearrange the batteries in the Leapster. Remove each battery and put it in a different slot.

Clean the battery contacts in the Leapster with a pencil eraser or soft cloth.

Install four new AA batteries in the Leapster.


If you are still unable to turn on the Leapster, contact customer service at 800-701-5327.

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