How to Change the Batteries in a Graco Pack 'N Play

Graco has been a leader in baby products ever since the company was founded in the early 1950s. It produces everything from monitors to car seats, with portable Pack 'n Plays (also called play yards or portable bassinets) being some of the most popular items. The problem with these Pack 'n' Plays is that some of them rely on batteries in order to operate vibrate and mobile features. These need to be changed, but the basic assembly manuals released by Graco don't really show how to do this.

Make sure that the mobile or vibration feature is turned off on the pack 'n play.

Locate the screws that are holding the battery compartment lid in place. Usually there are just one or two of these depending on the model.

Unscrew the screws and lift off the battery compartment lid.

Pull out the dead battery or batteries used by your specific model and replace them with the new ones.

Position the battery compartment lid back in place over the new batteries. Fasten the screws and make sure the lid is secure.


Some Pack 'n Plays come with detachable changing tables, toy bars, mobiles or canopies. Depending on the model you have, you may find that it is easier to access the battery compartment(s) by removing one or more of these options. You can find the assembly manual for your specific model from the product instructions section of the Graco website ( In general, most compartments are easily viewable, particularly on mobiles that have the battery compartment accessible from the back of the mobile arm.

The best time to change the batteries is during feeding time. This way, the baby is content and happy while out of the Pack 'n Play and cannot get into anything you take off the unit. The batteries take only about five minutes or less to replace, and since most babies won't finish a bottle or breastfeeding in less than 15 minutes, this affords you more than enough time to complete the job.

If you need further assistance from Graco for any electrical parts of your Pack 'n Play, you can call customer service at (800) 345-4109. You will need to have your serial number handy for the most efficient assistance, but you'll be OK as long as you have the Pack 'n Play in front of you so you can describe it to the representative with whom you speak. You may need to do this if your Pack 'n' Play has a bad wire or other problem that causes electrical components not to work properly. The representative will be more than happy to help you troubleshoot and order a replacement for you if needed.

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