How to Replace Radio Flyer Wagon Wheels

Radio Flyer has been making sturdy metal toy wagons since the early 1900s. Radio Flyer not only manufactures the original red wagon but a variety of toys including tricycles, scooters, hobby horses and other riding toys. The Radio Flyer wagon is made with sturdy steel wheels with real rubber treads, but after a few years of hard play you may need to replace your wagon’s wheels to restore it to its former glory.

Turn the wagon upside down on a sturdy work area. Use a blanket or a towel to protect the wagon’s finish from being scratched, if desired.

Pry the wheel-holding nuts off the wheel hubs with a flat blade screwdriver and set them aside.

Pull the wheels off the wheel hubs and discard them or save them as spares.

Push the new wheels onto the wheel hubs until they are fully seated.

Push the wheel nuts back onto the wheel hubs by hand. Tap the nuts into place with a hammer until the leading edge of the nut is almost against the wheel center.

Make sure the wheel nuts are not loose by testing their tightness by hand. Remove and replace wheel nuts that are loose.

Turn the wagon back over onto its wheels.


Replacement parts for your wagon are available directly from Radio Flyer. Part numbers are available in your owner’s manual.


If your original wheel nuts will not stay on the wheel hubs tightly, get a replacement set of wheel nuts. Your wagon wheels could come off while in use if the wheel nuts are not tight.

Avoid playing with your wagon around steep hills, sloped driveways, steps or swimming pools. Do not use your wagon in the street or near motor vehicles.

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