How to Modify a Kid's Ride-On Toy

You can amp up your children's battery-powered ride on toys in a variety of ways that will make them feel like they are driving the real thing. You can double the battery power and increase the speed of a Power Wheels Jeep from five miles an hour to almost nine miles an hour 1. You can also add some traction and increase the life of the plastic wheels that come with most of these ride-on vehicles, making it easier to climb up and down hills without slipping.

Speed Up Power Wheels

Cut the power supply wires under the front hood of the Power Wheels vehicle 1.

Affix a red or white wire on the new 12-volt battery to denote positive with a female adaptor to the male, positive side of the battery. The new battery will have two male prongs, one positive (+) and one negative (-).

On the new battery, affix a black wire to denote negative with a female adaptor to the male, negative side of the battery.

Connect the positive wire from the original battery to the negative wire on the new battery, and crimp on a male adaptor.

Connect the negative wire from the original battery to the positive wire on the new battery and crimp on a female adaptor. You have effectively created two batteries in series, which has doubled the voltage while keeping the same amperage 3.

Crimp on a male adaptor to the vehicle's negative wire, which will be black. Crimp on a female adaptor to the positive wire which will be white or red.

Connect the male adaptor of the vehicle to the female adaptor of the batteries 3. Connect the female adaptor of the vehicle to male adaptor of the batteries 3.

Add Traction to Ride-on Toy

Clean ride-on toy tires with soap and water where the traction bands will sit.

Put your hands inside the band, make an oval shape and stretch out each band.

Sit toy on the floor with wheels up and pull the band around each tire, centering it.

Pull up the band and put adhesive directly on the tire. Use about half an ounce per tire and secure bands on tires. The bands will increase traction and prolong wheel life.


Use silicone, 3M Super 77, Liquid Nails, or Permatex molding trim adhesive to glue traction bands onto toy tires.

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