How to Make a Baby Doll Crib

When it is time for your little girl to tuck her baby doll in for nap time, make a special homemade crib for the doll. When it is finished, you can paint the baby doll crib and add decals or designs to the headboard, along with decorative trim. For extra strength, the dowels can be screwed into the mattress board from the bottom of the crib through the mattress board and into the dowels.

Cut two pieces of 3/4-inch surface plywood, each measuring 1 by 2 feet. Use surface plywood as opposed to regular plywood, as its surface is smoother.

Cut one of the pieces in half, to make two 1-by-1-foot pieces. The larger piece will be the mattress board area of the doll crib, and the two smaller pieces will be the headboard and foot board.

Measure up 3 inches from each end of the shorter boards, and draw a straight line that is 3 inches and parallel from one end.

Attach two angle brackets on each of the smaller boards. Locate them below each line you drew, positioning them on opposite sides of the line. The larger board will be fastened between these two boards, hooked to the angle brackets. Position it so that the top of the mattress board will be level with the line.

Attach the head and foot board to the mattress board, using the angle brackets to connect the pieces.

Drill holes along the outer edges of the mattress board. The holes should be just large enough for the end of a dowel to fit into, and they should be spaced every 4 inches. Do this on both sides of the crib. Drill five holes on both sides. Do not drill all the way through.

Drill holes along the 3/4-inch molding, large enough for the other ends of the dowel to fit into. They should be spaced every 4 inches. Do not drill all the way through the molding--just enough for the tip of each dowel to fit into snugly.

Fit the dowels into the mattress holes and molding. Add a little wood glue to each hole before attaching the dowel. After the dowels are secure, screw the ends of the molding into the head and foot board.