Instructions for the Titan Tracker Exo Force

In the LEGO "Exo Force" universe, the world is being attacked by robots and the Exo Force is there to protect Earth. They have a number of robotic vehicles at their disposal, including the Grand Titan. In addition to the standard vehicle which the building instructions include, there are pictures of a second, alternate model, the Titan Tracker 1. The Tracker is a smaller, lighter vehicle which is still powerful. However, the building instructions don't include directions for building the Titan Tracker 1.

Attach a 2-by-2-stud plate to the front underside of a 2-by-4-stud angled brick. Clip the back of the brick to a 3-by-6 semicircular plate. Attach two 2-by-2 angled bricks to the sides of this larger plate, so that the angles point away from each other, and half of the brick hangs off the back. This forms the foot of the robot.

Attach a 2-by-1 brick with a Technic pin hole in the side to the middle of the foot, between the two 2-by-2 bricks. Attach a 3-by-2 angled brick to the top of this, so that the narrow part covers the long brick on the front of the foot.

Assemble the leg from the jointed pieces. Attach the 2-by-2 brick with a single joint to the 2-by-3 leg brick. Connect this to the 2-by-2 brick, and join that to a red pin-ended piece. Connect the brick at the end to the foot piece with a single pin and stand the leg upright.

Place one of the 2-by-1 plates with a 4-by-1 perpendicular hanging plate to the top of the 3-by-2-stud calf. Attach a 2-by-1 plate next to that, and cover both with a red phone-shaped brick, angled down. Place a 2-by-1 plate with a single stud on top below this, and attach a 1-by-1 cone brick on top of this. Attach a red phone-shaped brick, angled upward, to the thigh of the robot.

Repeat these steps to make a second leg.

Attach the 2-by-2 brick with two ball joints to the back of a 2-by-8-stud plate. Place a 2-by-1 pin brick on the side of the plate, in front of the joint brick, with the pin sticking off to the side. Place a second in front of that. Repeat on the other side. Cover this piece with two 2-by-4 bricks on the front and back.

Clip the L-shaped Technic beam to the rear pin, at the right-angled corner. The short part of the L should be at the bottom, and the long part should point away from the front of the model. Attach a straight beam to the front peg. Clip a blue pin into the top of the L beam, and a grey pin into the second hole from the top on the straight beam. Repeat on the other side.

Attach one of the jaw arms to a black pin. Attach this to the straight beam on the inside of the model. Repeat on the other side. This forms the body of the model.

Clip a black double-pin to the rod on the side of a 2-by-1 plate with twin parallel rods. Repeat on the other side, and attach that to the front underside on your main body.

Insert two straight rods into the middle hollow studs on the front of a 2-by-1-stud plate with the 4-by-1-stud right-angled plate. Slide three 2-holed half-beams onto these rods, spaced about 1/4-inch apart. Attach a 1-by-1 angled plate to the top of a 2-by-1 curved brick. Clip this to the left side and repeat on the other side. Attach this to the front of the model.

Attach a 3-by-1 brick with Technic holes on the side to the side of a 2-by-4-stud red plate. Attach a 1-by-2 Technic brick on the other side. Cover these with a 2-by-2 plate and a 1-by-2 plate. Make a second, mirrored unit so that you have two of these shoulder pieces.

Build an arm using an elbow joint, Technic bricks, and the 8-by-4 curved brick. Attach two 2-by-1 curved bricks to the top of the 2-by-1 brick with two Technic holes. Place a 1-by-1 round plate to the bottom. Attach two green cone bricks to the top and clip this to the front of a 2-by-1 plate with 4-by-1 front pieces. Clip this to the front as the weapon and attach it to the right shoulder.

Build a second arm similar to the first but with a pin on the front. Attach the two wheels to this pin, and stick bricks and plates to the front. Attach this arm to the left side of the model.

Attach a beam-brick to the top of a large curved brick. Build a missile using a blue pin, a rocket brick and a 1-by-1 cone. Make a second, mirrored version of this piece. Attach both to the shoulders of the model.

Build the cockpit on the middle of the body. Attach the cockpit cover to the flat plate with clips. Clip this to a 2-by-1 rod plate. Attach this to the front of the model. Place a 1-by-2-stud brick in the middle of the cockpit to act as a seat. Clip the pilot into place.