Imaginarium Spiral Directions

The Imaginarium Spiral Train Set, distributed by Toys "R" Us, is notorious for being difficult to assemble, but this is largely due to the unstable nature of the design; the layout is simple enough to easily figure out 1. The key to successfully setting up this wooden toy train track is patience and careful placement of the pieces.

Count the pieces to ensure that you have everything you need to assemble the track. The Imaginarium Spiral Train Set includes two split track pieces, two straight pieces, two sloped pieces, seven short pieces, 15 curved pieces and 10 track support towers, as well as a tunnel 1.

Connect the pieces that lay flat on the ground, forming both the track that goes through the tunnel and the side track that goes around it and joins the main track at both ends.

Stand eight towers in a circle, positioning them in order of height so that they form a spiral. Place the shortest tower and the duplicate fourth-shortest in a straight line extending away from the tallest tower toward the far side of the level tracks.

Add the sloping and curved tracks to complete the track spiral. This is the most difficult part of the assembly, so go slowly. Feed the tracks that form the lower portion of the spiral through the holes in the towers while placing the upper level on top. Connect them with sloping track pieces to the flat track at both ends. The track should form a ramp up to the top of the spiral and then snake down to the bottom, where it reconnects with the level portion.


Consult the toy packaging and PDF schematic if uncertain about any step of the construction process.

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