How to Fix the Elevator on a Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Dream House is a three-story house for Barbie made by the Mattel Company. The original Barbie Dream House came out in 1962 (ref 1) and Mattel still updates the dream house toy every few years 1. The modern version has an elevator that takes Barbie from floor to floor. The elevator is operated with a string and is easy to fix if it gets broken or cut. (Ref 2)

Place one end of the pink nylon string through the hole in the top of the Barbie’s Dream House elevator shaft.

Stick the string into the hole in the top of the elevator and tie a knot at the end of the string so it will not pull free of the hole.

Place the string into the notches on the side of the elevator shaft. There are two notches the string needs to go into.

Cut the end of the string and tie another knot at the end of it.

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