How to Charge the Razor E200

By Si Kingston ; Updated April 18, 2017

The battery in Razor's E200 scooter requires an initial charge of 18 hours to operate. After that, the scooter's battery should be charged for at least 12 hours when needed. A fully charged battery will allow the scooter to run for approximately 40 minutes. The E200's battery will accept approximately 250 charging cycles before it needs to be replaced. The battery can be charged through a port that's hidden below the deck on the left side of the scooter.

Turn the scooter's power switch to "Off."

Remove the cap from the scooter's charger port located below the deck on the left side of the scooter.

Plug the scooter's charger cord into the charger port.

Plug the other end of the charger into the wall outlet. If the charger's lights do not light up, try another outlet.

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